Monday, 27 October 2014

Tavi Gevinson

Style Icon: Tavi Gevinson"The quirky and authentic girl on the block".

For many young ladies, Tavi Gevinson is seen as a role model and fashion icon. Not only is Tavi a fashion enthusiast, feminist, actress and singer, she is also an American writer and magazine editor. At a very young age of eleven, Tavi was caught in the public eye as she created her very own fashion blog called Style Rookie, all the way back in 2008.  She began blogging to preach her fashion likes and inspirations. The blog featured several photos of the eleven-year-old in her unique and distinctive outfits and fashion trends. At the age of fifteen the young blogger decided to shift her focus to pop culture and to discuss her views on feminism. 

The popular blog drew eyes to 30,000 curious readers each day. Gevinson is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the successful and quirky online Rookie Magazine. The magazine primarily targets young teenage girls. The blog is authentic and original. Tavi Gevinson the fashion blogger and feminist, thoroughly encourages everyone to embrace their own individual complexity. According to the Rolling Stones Magazine, "Tavi Gevinson became a hero to a generation of teenage girls". Since graduating high school in Chicago, Tavi has surely made a name for herself as being seen as one of the most influential bloggers on the internet. Tavi sat down with The New York Times and spoke in a short interview, introducing how she started her blog, her passion for style and her own personal style icons. (You can take a look at the special interview here!

Due to the blog being such a success to other fashion enthusiasts, Tavi was featured on the cover of Pop magazine and was also invited to attend major events such as, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.  After traveling overseas to some of the most influential fashion capitals in the world, she was invited to write articles for Harper's Bazaar and became a muse and model and featured for several clothing lines. Her site:, reached one-million page views within only five days of launching the site in 2011. Not only is Tavi a young, quirky fashion icon, she also inspires young girls like myself to dream big and to not be afraid of being different or speaking your mind. Even though Tavi is currently only 18-years-of-age, her voice to me and i'm sure for many other young women,  speaks loud and educates people  in life to be different and to not be afraid of embracing your own individual complexity.

I found that after reading Tavi's blog: and, and even watching videos of the girl herself, i feel as though its important as  teenage girls to be proud of your own individuality and to more importantly embrace it. Tavi my own secrete style icon wears her, quirky, independent and authentic wardrobe with pride and she definitely isn't afraid of stepping out of the square and being different, and that's what the world definitely loves about her.