Monday, 5 January 2015

The 70's..... What an ERA!

Ahh the 70's my favourite era!
This era is remembered due to its funky clothes and peaceful vibes. Of course i wasn't alive in the 70's as i'm a 90's kid, however i surely have watched enough sitcoms set in this era. I also did some research to gain some more knowledge about these action packed years. So google says; 'it was 10 years full of changing fashion trends, from brightly coloured flared trousers and tie-dyes tees to jumpsuits and peasant blouses'.
It was also a time of freedom for women in the 70's, as this era is called the DECADE OF CHANGE. All of that mumbo jumbo that 'women should be left at home' (complete nonsense), anyway more jobs became available to females and the change in sexual revolution allowed them to be at ease with themselves, AKA having the ability to let there hair down, and not living with the fear of judgement or a bad reputation.

Taking it back to the fashion side of the 70's, i really love looking back at photos from this era, for example photos of my parents in their teenage years, as well as watching old sitcoms from this day in age. During these years it featured a whole lot of mini and maxi skirts, high and low-waisted jeans and platform shoes.. if i'm not mistaken this style does sound pretty familiar as to whats in style at the moment!

A personal favourite TV show that is very recent, however is set in the 1970's, is 'Puberty Blues'. The show only aired for 2 seasons on our screens, however i watch those short 2 season on repeat. The thing i love about this TV show is that it is set in the 70's, were the lifestyle was relaxed and the style was unforgettable. I am seriously obsessed with the costume designs, but not only that, the vehicles they drove back in that time, as well as the the overall lighting that the producers captured when filming the series. The warm orange and pink tones, the continuous sounds of the ocean, and of course the long-haired, surfing goddesses, (SEAN KEENAN!!!), really draws my attention to the screen.

I would like to say my style is influenced by the 70's, as my wardrobe is overflowing, with high-waisted jeans and denim shorts, Doc Marten boots, maxi and mini skirts and simple t-shirts. I also live in a very relaxed and beachy town. Every-where you look there is surfers, and i'm definitely not complaining!! Of course there is a lot more freedom in this day of age, in comparison to living in the 70's... But even technology made a huge boost in the early 1970's, which is when the invention of the floppy disk came to shelves, as well as coloured television in the late 70's. In modern society technology has definitely become more advanced,as we are introduced to a series of different IPhones, cameras and computers, even books can be read online ! like what???

Anyway, i definitely think modern society has been inspired by the 70's era, whether it be the clothes, the life-style or the morals. Personally i just really love the outfits! Like i seriously get excited when i see photographs from those years, all you have to do is Google the 1970's and you'll understand what i'm talking about! I also recommend you give the television series 'Puberty Blues' a shot, it is pretty hectic but it is also very entertaining. I also forgot to mention that it surrounds the life of two young teenage girls, therefore it can be very relatable to whats going on in your lives at the moment. 

Well it has come to an end of another blog post, thanks for giving the time to take a peak at this posts FreeStyle readers.

- Hann