Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Insight Into Fashion Fads and Classics

As a young fashion enthusiast, it becomes almost like a hobby to look in fashion magazines to acknowledge what the current trends are in society. It's also a key essential in getting dressed everyday when you think about it. We are all guilty of looking to the media and seeing what Kim Kardashian is wearing on the street or Cara Delevigne on the runway. Our very own personal style is inspired by what we see and obviously what trends attract us. Fashion Trends are continually changing, and thats what i believe makes fashion so interesting. Fashion tends to move in cycles, features repeating themselves from time to time are known as a classic. Classics are almost "non-sense" pieces that withstand influence from trends to fads. And if your unaware of what the term FADS means here is a little definition i got from Google; an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived; a craze. So if were relating that definition to fashion in a more simpler approach; a fashion fad is a piece that has lets say 'expired' in society. A fad that you might remember and even worn are; Jelly shoes, double denim, and waist coats.. and there just to name a few. But in saying that these fads are coming and going all the time. When i'm scrolling through my  Instagram feed, i have seen many models wearing double denim, therefore i ask myself: 'are these really fashion fads if there still seen in the media?' Like i stated before Fashion trends are always changing and that is a definite! So what is the opposite of a fad? a classic of course.  A classic feature is one that is simple in design and will never go out of fashion. A classic garment may experience slight alterations through years; however it will basically stay the same. Bold colours are always in style, such as black, white, navy and red. To take this further, more trends that i believe are a classic in the fashion world are: high waisted denim shorts, a turtle-neck cut and maxi skirts/dresses. These are to be honest my favourite trends that i love to wear in my own personal style. 

Denim shorts have been around for a long long time now, and i believe they will be around for a lot longer. Every girl has a pair of denim shorts in their wardrobe and to be perfectly honest with you i have four!! There is such variety when it comes to denim. for instance; denim shorts, jeans, skirts, tops and jumpers. Lately i have been loving my pair of dark blue wash mom jeans from Topshop! I love a casual, comfy and vintage inspired jean and i think Topshop have a great variety in styles. Also Levi's are the king of jeans!!!! I don't think i've met anyone who doesn't love a good pair of Levi's! Here is a list of brands that have killer jeans if your interested in stocking up your wardrobe with a denim classic.
Another classic that i am obsessed with at the moment and i think everyone is..... TURTLENECK sweaters, tops and dresses. Neckline trends like V's or cowl necks come and go constantly, but a trend that is always close by our sides is a turtleneck. Turtleneck sweaters have definitely earned its place as a classic, because  there cozy as hell, a cute design and they bring focus to your features. A turtleneck sweater is always a favourite of mine for winter, however, in many stores today they are stocking up on out turtleneck knitted tops and cotton dresses. I personally am really happy about this trend and i definitely think it will continue to stick around. Again here are a few garments i like of this particular trend.

When writing this post it almost took my mind back to school and tested what i remembered about fads from my Home Economics class. I hope i've given you reader some insight into some trends your excited to wear or even given you the chance to reminisce on them. If you liked this post let me know and ill continue to share with you what trends i enjoy as well as sharing some brands and labels with you. 

xx Hann 

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