Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Fashion Muse

Style Muse: Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke a true and natural beauty.
Jemima is a British artist and actress and is most popular from her role in the hilarious television series 'Girls' created by Lena Dunham. 
The fresh faced bohemian chic really has an eye for style! From growing up Jemima was influenced around vintage clothing from her musically inclined and artistic parents. She has a real boho inspired and timeless personal style. After watching the actress in 'Girls', her character is very fearless and presents a free personality. After seeing her face in magazines and online, i cant help but love her carefree and effortless sense of fashion. I personally really love a wardrobe full of kimonos, hats, jeans, and floral prints, and this why Jemima Kirke is definitely one of my style muses. Her personal style is a variety between vintage and designer brands and she is often seen in the media wearing, art-inspired prints, flow fabrics and a large range of kimonos. Defiantly my kind of fashion!!! 

I love that her style is so simple yet she has her own twist on it, which really makes it so easy to love. I feel almost inspired by Jemima! After watching her character in 'Girls', i instantly felt a connection with her role. What i love about the natural beauty is her seemingly easy going and free soul, and this definitely has a good impact on her style. 

My friend originally introduced me to the television show 'Girls' and i'm so happy she did because i love the show, so i definitely recommend all you young girls out there to check out the incredibly hilarious yet entertaining series "GIRLS"! Every episode my eyes are glued to the screen, not only because of the incredible variety of actors but also their individual senses of style really is exciting to see on screen! Oh i neally forgot to mention that the series is set in NEW YORK CITY!!! (And i bet you thought it couldn't get any better ;)