Thursday, 15 January 2015

My twist on 2015

At the start of every year i always say to myself that this year will be different... Ill do more, see more and say more. So pretty much i set a new years resolution for myself that i generally never stick too. It gets to the end of December and then i realise that i still haven't achieved what i said i would in January of that year. My previous new year resolutions are the general ones you here from other people pretty much; 'time to get fit!' or 'i'm not drinking soft drink all year!'... We all know no one really sticks to these rules anyway, so whats the point on setting them. 
My point is, this year i thought a lot about starting a new resolution to stick to for 2015, i thought: 'swim in the ocean every day' and 'read a book every month'. So in my head i thought these were really great ideas, but then i realised these are just the same old normal resolutions you hear all the time but with a bit of a twist. Personally i don't even really like new years resolutions i think if you want to stop doing something or you want to achieve something you should just go straight ahead and do it anyway, like why wait for the start of a new year to say you'll do it, what stopped you throughout the year?!?
In theory i understand the point of them and i do agree with it. But instead of saying ill stick to this and i wont eat that, i decided that for 2015 i'm  going to have a list of things i can just look back at to always ensure i'm doing it. I was actually inspired by this on Tumblr, but i thought what the hell i'm going to pin it to my own lifestyle.

So the points that i want to remember and also follow are:

- Always say yes to seeing friends
- Eat breakfast every day! (very important my friends)
- Accept the f*** ups, but try not to let them happen again
- There is a song to remedy every situation in the universe
- Appreciate every person in your life
- Always look for the good in everything
- Try new things and try them often
- Treat yourself as well as you treat others

- Tumblr
These points may seem a little corny or silly to you, but when i first read them, i thought that these are the things i do already in my life, but if i'm a little slack i want to always remember to do them. So i guess its my way of a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!! some of the points are as simple as eating a good meal but to me i feel like it goes way deeper and more personal than that. I feel as though the more things you say yes to or trying new things can lead to an even greater thing. Maybe these points are just the motivation i need in my life for this year, because without school taking up all my time this year i'm going to have a lot of free time and i hope more opportunities. In reality it is a big world out there and i think now that i have the freedom and time to do what i want, i think the thought of real life is finally kicking in for me.

- Hann