Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Beauty of Florence.


Music for me is almost like a daily routine. I wake up turn on my radio and begin getting dressed for the  day's events. Then i'll jump in my car and drive to my next destination, all the while tuned into Triple J. For me music is an amazing thing, firstly, it can make you feel all different kinds of emotions and even remind you of people, things or moments in your life. One song.... yes it only takes one song to spark some sort of thought or mood and i find that just insanely mind-boggoling.
One band that i want to write about and maybe even introduce to you readers is  the incredible indie rock band: 'Florence and the Machine'. What a band!!!!! Incredible is only one word that i would use to explain them. Simply just their tones are honestly the most beautiful sounds i've probably ever heard and even more thrilling, Florence Welch, what a remarkable and original voice she has. If you are unfamiliar with who im talking about or what amazing sounds i'm indulged in take a quick peak on Youtube. To make it a little easier here are some of my favourite songs from the English band that i love; Shake It Out, Dog Days Are Over, Ship to Wreck, You've Got The Love, St Jude and Delilah
Once i began writing each song that i love i really couldn't stop, the list just got longer and longer. It is really quite amazing how many incredible songs the band has produced that i'm completely obsessed with still to this day, since the band first released their music in 2007. To sum up the band's sound in just a few words or less, i would describe it as a combination between the rock and soul genres. Not only are their creation of tones inspiring, but even the music video's are simply just beautiful. The depth and emotion that is put into each video is so entertaining and my eyes are glued to the screen every time i play a song on Youtube. My friends and I recently played one track from the band and we couldn't stop at just one song, we played the whole album of 'How Big How Blue How Beautiful'. So there were eight eyes just drawn to the computer screen, just simply watching the delicate shots and listening to the waves of pure and perfect melodies. 
I wouldn't be completely honest with you if i didn't tell you that i am actually listening to the band right now as i project my thoughts on to you. 
To me its almost completely insane to be so obsessed with a person's sound or even their talent to make the sounds. Yes i guess it might be insane but it's pretty incredible when you think about it. You know how if you play a particular song that your crazed about over and over again and then you tend to get over that song within a week.... Yeah that's not the case with any song from Florence and the Machine. For every first time i hear a new song from the band i am instantly attached to it, and as many times as i overplay it on Itunes when i'm at work or Spotify before i go to sleep, i can never quite make myself annoyed or i guess over the songs. Personally i think thats an amazing trait that a band can have. Im in awe pretty  much every time i hear a song and i'm super excited to share that i'll be seeing the incredible band at Splendour In The Grass (SITG) this year!!!!!!!! yes i still cant believe that i'll witness their sound and their presence live. 
If you have heard them live or will be at SITG this year too than what a moment we will be living or for some of you have lived. I definitely think it will be a memory for the record books. 
I recommend you take a quick listen to at least one of the songs i wrote in the list above, although be aware you may become hooked!!!! 
Well now i think it's time to leave you to stop reading this post and switch tabs to Youtube where you will bless your ears with a song from Florence and the Machine. To be honest i'm going to go do the same thing right now. Readers enjoy the magic that awaits you.... just over on the other tab.

- HK.

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