Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Splendid Experience

'Splendour In The Grass' Music Festival 2014.

It has been exactly 19 weeks, 154 hours, 14 minutes and 56 seconds (and still counting) since i experienced the most thrilling music festival; 'Splendour In The Grass' in Byron Bay. The three-day festival was full of excitement, good vibes, awesome music and unforgettable memories. I remember sitting with my friends during our lunch break at school as we were rattling off ideas, trying to figure out if we should attend the festival. My friends and I were unsure if we should make the decision to go, as we were in year 12, therefore had ridiculous amounts of assessment to complete, as well as realising we only work part-time jobs, so could we really afford it. Once i came to terms that i couldn't miss one of the biggest events of the year, it took a little bit of convincing through the parental's to let me go. Thankfully i was aloud to go, purchased tickets and accommodation and turned my wardrobe upside town to get prepared for the exciting festival. Finally the 24th of July came and my three friends and I were on our way on the Bruce Highway during the early hours of the morning, heading to Byron Bay.

I feel as though there is just too much to tell you guys yet not enough time or space to write it. Starting from the drive down to Byron Bay, to the Backpackers Lodge we lived in for four days, the festival in itself and the bus rides home. I guess ill skip to the most important part of the weekend, which is the only reason why we were attending the festival in the first place, and that is if you cant guess it....... THE ARTISTS! Me and my friends were astounded by the lineup and we couldn't believe that so many popular artists were playing over the three days. I could go on forever explaining every  band or artist that we watched in so much detail. I even get excited about telling you all who we saw and what songs i literally died listening too! Here are a few of my favourites that were incredible during the weekend: The Preatures, Grouplove, Rufus, Foals, Peking Duk, Foster the People, Childish Gambino, Sticky Fingers, Nina Las Vegas, City and Colour and OutKast! Yes i couldn't just narrow it down to two or three, that just wouldn't be fair. Get this over 80 Australian and International acts played over the weekend on three different stages and i was there!

Each day we would arrive to the Byron Bay Parklands around 1:00pm and we would leave around 1:00am, sometimes even later depending on if we could get a bus or not. The time spent at the Parklands went by so quick, and each day would be over before you knew it. Each night the girls and I would legit have a debrief of the day and it would go on for hours. There was just to many memories to cover in the one day.

I love spending time in Byron Bay, cause i feel like it's a place filled with chilled vibes and no judgement and 'Splendour' was definitely a place filled with both of these things. Each stage i went to had such a good ambience, its hard to even explain. I replay the videos i captured of each band, listening to the music and even watching the crowd just melt at what they see and hear. This is one of my favourite videos that i could honestly watch on repeat. Firstly, The Preatures are playing and they one of my favourite bands, but secondly watching the crowd bop around to the song "Is This How you Feel!"and lastly you cant beat that subtle afternoon light, it really does set the ambience. I was also sneaky as i captured my best friend Michaela smoothly dancing to Isabella Manfredi's luscious voice. i have to show you guys the small clip just so you can have a glimpse of what the vibe was really like.

Not only was the music unbeatable, but the style that caught your eye everywhere you looked was incredible! i could just sit down somewhere and watch everyone walk past, as i was so driven to each and every different persons sense of fashion. The style i saw really did excite me, as everyone looked so different and it was cool to see the variety of expression through clothes. There were probably two trends that you would see about 100 times a day, and this was flower crowns and bindi's on the face; Not judgements here, but it just interests me with what trend is popular at the time. Every morning when i was figuring out what to wear for the day, i didn't feel like there was boundaries for what i should or shouldn't wear. I found that you wear what you want and what you feel comfortable in, as i felt like there is no judgement when you got to the festival.

Not only did 'Splendour In The Grass' for 2014, meet my expectations they made them better! I have now installed an app on my phone called Countdown, just so i can countdown the days until next years 'Splendour' Festival. And if you were wondering we have 226 days until 'Splendour' in 2015. Just if you guys are interested in seing the wrap of the festival for this year, here is a video where you can watch what the overall vibe was like over the three days, instead of me just explainig it to you!

I seriously get goosebumps every time  i watch the video because it excites me for whats to come next year. Anyway i feel as though i could write forever about the festival, and i don't want you guys to have to sit here and read 100 pages about the one topic. To wrap this up, all i have to say is you guys should definitely think about attending next years 'Splendour In The Grass' music festival in Byron Bay, if your interested in awesome music and good vibes. You may even decide to write a 1000 word essay like me ;)

Thank you FreeStyle Readers for letting me express my excitement and memories with you all!

- Hann