Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Stones

'Angus and Julia Stone' - The perfect duo

Every night when i come home and feel like I'm in a zen mood or need to get in a zen mood i always open up my Spotify playlist and play a song by Angus and Julia Stone. I can't even explain to you the feeling i get when i hear their voices sing together as a duo. The brother-sister folk blues duo are the perfect partnership that produce calm and reflective music. There voices are so different than any other band, that when i play a song i can just lay back and shut my eyes, and feel a specific sense of emotion depending on the song choice. Whether its 'Big Jet Plane', 'For You' or 'Just a Boy', i can never bring myself to fast forward the song or to change it. The sense of calmness i feel and even purity from the instruments are so admirable and comforting. FreeStyle readers i suggest you log into YouTube or Spotify and search an Angus and Julia Stone playlist. Not only will you bless your ears with the beautiful sounds but it even lets your emotions flow. One of my favourite songs form the pair is 'And The Boys'. Julia Stones voice is so soft and subtle and with the accompany of tones from other instruments for instance, the drums, keyboard and acoustic guitar, it really makes up a beautiful song. All of The Stones songs they have produced, have meaning and after reading several different lyrics they can be relatable for many people. I just wanted to share with you guys one of my favourite bands that i really enjoy listening to and for me never gets old. Below i have made a list of a handful of songs by Angus and Julia Stone, and i hope that you find time to listen to some of them to brighten your day, let emotions run or even to feel a sense of calmness and zen. 

Take a peak at some of 'Angus and Julia Stones' incredible songs:

Reader i hope you enjoyed this little post and feel free to give me feedback and dont be shy to interact by commenting below. 

- Hann