Sunday, 21 December 2014

Drawing Inspiration

MOOD-BOARDS are for the creators needing inspo!

Inspiration can be drawn from anything and everything; whether it be the ocean, a song, a tshirt or a word. Everyday i am inspired by one hundred different things and whatever it may be, it makes me want to create something new. The other day i had a big empty canvas sitting in the corner of my room, and i was looking at it thinking how have i left a blank canvas in my room for so long without doing anything with it. I'd recently been flicking through a bunch of dated magazines stacked up through my cupboards. There were so many beautiful pictures of elegant models and unique drawings, so i thought I'd grab the scissors and begin tearing. After placing a bunch of selected images to the canvas, i thought to myself, this is called something... people paste images on canvas and use it.... use it to draw inspiration to their minds.... then it hit me, a MOOD-BOARD. I always read on other blogs, them describing mood boards as a great use for creating new things. So thats exactly what i did, i made a mood board and thought a lot about each and every image i pasted. Since creating this mood-board I have had many ideas about what fashion pieces i want to eventually create, and what style i'm going to follow. Mood-boards can be used for anything at all, but i have decided to create it for the purpose of creating some sort of inspo (which is a term short for inspiration) for my future designs that i wish to create. So anyway the moral of this post, is to share with you guys the great use of mood-boards :\ i think....
Yet another random post by me.
Readers you might even try creating a mood-board for yourselves for any purpose at all, if you do and get inspired leave me a comment and let me know!

- Hann